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Arizona Cypress

Published on May 4, 2010 by in Evergreen Shade Trees, Shade Trees


Blue-silver foliage

Texas Native: Texas

Height: 25-50′

Spread: 15-25′

Seasonal Interest: n/a

Drought Tolerance: Very light

Maintenance: Prune for shape only

Well suited to limestone soils; attractive, peeling red bark; some disease problems; requires good drainage

2 Responses to “Arizona Cypress”

  1. dave wagnere says:

    Looking for arizona ,carolina cypress trees and planting.

  2. zel says:

    Arizona Cypress Trees are available please give us a call
    or come by 512-249-0100. They range from 15gal 195.00 or 30gal 350.00 Install Prices. Delivery additional depending on where you live.

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