Residential Design

Designs Focused on Maximum Water Conservation

Countryside installs products manufactured by the industry irrigation leaders Hunter and Rain Tree.

  • We walk your property and study the existing plant material and environment.
  • We discuss your budget and the best irrigation that will beautify the property
  •  You will receive an estimate and copies of a design

Your design will be a computerized CAD design focused on water conservation.

It will be the best system to avoid unnecessary misuse, runoff and erosion. It will include 

  • Selection of the proper electronic controllers
  • Sprinkler heads/nozzles (spray, rotary, misting)
  • Automatic valves, rain sensors and back flow prevention
  • Devices designed for specific use on each individual project

We work closely with all of the water districts and their inspectors through the permitting, testing and approval processes to insure an environmentally conscious solution for each residence.

Last but not least we will spend time with you on how your new irrigation system works, going over instructions on settings and answering any and all questions.


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