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Free Seminars @ Countryside Nursery

These are free seminars but due to limited space we request that you register in advance. All classes start at 10am unless otherwise stated.

Call 512.249.0100  for more  information and to register.


Growing Veggies & Herbs                       March 8th

By Sam Slaughter, Gabriel Valley Farms 

vegJump start your Spring Vegetable Garden with Gabriel Valley Farms Sam Slaughter!

This class will teach you what’s possible to grow in spring. You will be able to plant and sow in February and March, then start to pick your bounty soon. Learn sustainable organic techniques that will let you seamlessly integrate your early spring vegetable garden into your summer plantings of warm-weather lovers.

In addition to the culture requirements of each of the vegetables, the topics covered in class will include: bed preparation, heat and light requirements, frost control, germination tricks, companion planting, organic pest control, fertilizing, and harvesting techniques.


Hummingbird Gardening      March 15thhummingbird

 by Mark Klym, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Mark Klym, co-author of “Hummingbirds of Texas” and coordinator of the Texas Hummingbird Roundup, will give us an insight on hummingbirds.

Keep Hummingbirds In Your Yard From April Thru September!
Learn What Matters. . .
  • Where To Hang The Feeders
  • Why To Hang Feeders
  • What To Feed Them
  • What To Grow
  • What Problems To Overcome Or Avoid

Bonsai Basics               March 22nd

By Zel Heaney, Austin Bonsai Society  bon

This is a one day learning experience designed to equip you with a basic understanding of the art of bonsai and with the skills necessary to get you started. We will cover topics such as; watering, pest control, pruning, wiring, potting, styling and general horticulture for your tree.

Have a question about your Bonsai? Check out our local Austin Bonsai Society. They have the friendliest bonsai group around. They provide guidance and education for individuals in their desire to learn and expand their knowledge and skill in the art of bonsai. Give it a try!


Soil: Basis for a Healthy Garden                 March 29th

By Mike Dobrovolsky, Soil Mender Products  soil health workshop

From the people that bring us Soil Mender Products, home of Soil Mender, Back To Earth, & Yum Yum Mix brand premium natural lawn and garden products. Safe. Simple. Effective.

Covering Austin area specific questions on our alkaline soils and how to give our soil the proper nutrients for a healthy lawn and garden. Don’t forget that soil is the foundation of your garden practice.

This workshop will present the basics of soil health and fertility. Participants will learn to incorporate the care of the soil into their gardening practices to increase production. Topics and materials will include: knowing your soil, composting techniques, cover cropping, organic fertilizers and soil amendments.