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Bonsai Training Workshop: Pruning, Wiring & More!

Sunday, May 4th taught by Austin Bonsai Society

$20 per person, space is VERY limited.

Bonsai training and shaping is what’s going to determine the look of your miniature tree. It’s a complex process because during its development you’ll create the bonsai. Miniature trees are really normal trees that are kept small by specialBonsai-Wiring-2 techniques. They grow from natural seeds because there’s no such thing as “spec…ial bonsai seeds”.Bonsai training will be based on the style you want for your miniature tree. We’ve said many times that we believe that your first bonsais should be based on the shape of its original tree in nature and later start experimenting, but that’s up to you. Balance, inspiration and beauty are all important factors. Try to bring the best out of your tree, don’t fight it but be a part of an smooth training, filled with harmony and patience.

Taught by Austin Bonsai Society Sunday, May 4th. Bring your bonsai tree and learn to wire and shape. Reserve your spot today. $20 per person, space is VERY limited. Bring your own tools.

Free Seminars @ Countryside Nursery

These are free seminars but due to limited space we request that you register in advance. All classes start at 10am unless otherwise stated.

Call 512.249.0100  for more  information and to register.