Drought Tolerant Trees in Texas

Drought tolerant trees posses certain beneficial traits that help them withstand dry conditions better than most other trees. Leaves that use water efficiently and natural protective waxes on leaves. The drought tolerant trees have an extensive root systems that are able to extract any available moisture from the soil. These trees are often native Texas trees, or native to dry hot climates like Mexico.

Texans know what it is to be under water restrictions, and we have had years of drought. So many of us started buying native, trees that do not have to be watered daily. Many of our commercial shopping areas now use more native trees to save on water and keep a beautiful landscape.

Trees that are native to our soils and temperatures, including our 105 temperature days. If you are tree shopping and live in Austin, Texas or surrounding areas like Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander you will want to make sure and stop by Countryside Nursery and Landscape.

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Jerusalem Sage

Beautiful Blooming Deciduous

Chinese Elm

Red and Yellow Fall Color

Montezuma Cypress

Chinese Pistache

Redbud Tree

Flaming Sumac

Mexican Plum