Basic Bonsai Class is FREE

Advance Bonsai Class is $20.00

We have a large selection of beautiful Bonsai trees. If you have always wanted to learn more about the art, we have trees starting at $20.  Junipers, Elms, Cherry Bush, Ficus and many more. We also offer larger trees for gifts ranging from $45 - $200.

We are a member of the Austin Bonsai Society and also a teaching garden including Bonsai workshops.

Bonsai "a tree in small pot" is an incredible art. You will fall in love with trees in general, you will see beauty in simple but complex curves and structure. It slows your busy life and calms your thoughts. We have students as young as 12 years old and they are amazing. It is your art.

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Bonsai Care

Don't Over-water and Don't Under-water

Water your bonsai tree until excess water seeps out of the bottom of the pot. To ensure that you are correctly watering your bonsai tree you should wait for the soil to barely start drying out. Misting your tree occasionally can provide the right humidity it requires.

Root Pruning and Branch Pruning

Root pruning should be done at the start of spring and only when the bonsai's roots have become grounded in the pot. Simply select the roots you want to keep and get rid of the bad ones. Branch pruning should also occur near the start of spring. Pick the branches that you wish to keep and careful remove the others. Follow your intuition and taste when sculpting your bonsai tree into different shapes.

Applying Fertilizer and Soil

Always purchase the highest quality soil you can as this makes a massive difference. Investing in quality supplies will provide proper nutrition for your bonsai tree.

Water soluble fertilizers should only be applied during the growing season and must be applied only when the soil is moist to optimize maximum absorption.

Choosing The Right Location
You should place your bonsai in an area that receives plenty of sunlight such as bright room or by a window. Make sure that there is no direct air draft hitting your bonsai tree and remember to maintain a normal room temperature.

Austin Bonsai Society
Have a question about your Bonsai? Check out our local Austin Bonsai Society chapter. They have the friendliest bonsai group around. They provide guidance and education for individuals in their desire to learn and expand their knowledge and skill in the art of bonsai. Give it a try!