Residential Landscape Design in Austin

Experienced Residential Landscape Design Architects are available to help you design the perfect front yard or backyard. Custom design & rendering available, contact us today for the complete art of outdoor living. Countryside Nursery and Landscape has over 60 years combined experience in design and landscape construction in Central Texas.

Residential Landscape Design

Custom Design Set Includes

  • 2D Color Rendering to Scale - Detailing plants and material
  • Customized Plant Care Sheet - A complete description & visuals to better see the concept
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions

This design does not give costing estimates on plant material or labor. A complete estimate is always available.

Design Set Pricing

Tier I

$300 Curb appeal & improvements

Tier II

$400 - Backyard improvements, refreshing & additions

Tier III

$500 - Let's do it all, front,back & sides.


Steps to Getting Your Design

A design is a perfect way to understand what your vision for your space would need. You can move forward and have Countryside Nursery and Landscape complete the project or have your own landscaper do the work in stages.


A consultation is scheduled.
We walk your property and study the existing plant material and environment. We discuss your vision, desires and budget for the project. We will have suggestions and options that will work with your vision, always keeping in mind what plant material could thrive for years.

Once we have your vision and take measurements, and note the the type of lighting and shade is available then our residential landscape designers will create a design.


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