Tree Nursery

You can find that perfect tree at our Tree Nursery, it is over 2 acres of the best trees in Central Texas, found in NW Austin.

  • Countryside Nursery & Landscape has the largest tree selection in Austin. Sizes range from 5 gallon to 200 gallon. 
  • Our prices are most competitive and we have a knowledgeable staff to help you find the right tree.
  • You will find beautiful native trees, Oaks, Elms, Evergreens and huge shade trees as well as drought tolerant trees.
  • We have a Residential Design Department and offer a Special Order Program to insure you find the trees needed for your landscape.

100's of Large Shade Trees.

Native Oak Trees, Elms, Pecans, Maples and more. 

Evergreen & Privacy Trees

Evergreen trees and shrubs for privacy. You will find Cypresses, Hollies, Wax Myrtles, Cherry Laurels and many more. 

Flowering Ornamental Trees

Add color and flowers to your landscape. Crape Myrtles, Orchid Trees, Japanese Maples, Smoke Trees and many more.

Jerusalem Thorn Tree in our Tree Nursery

Drought Tolerant Trees

Trees that can withstand the heat and dry soils.

Fastest Growing Trees

Trees that grow 2-3 feet a year

Fruit Trees

Now is the time to SPECIAL ORDER your Bare Root Fruit Trees.

Click Here for more information on ordering Bare Root Fruit Trees.

SPECIAL TREE ORDER PROGRAM                      

For large orders or trees we may not have in stock.


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What is aTexas Superstar? What it takes to become a Texas Superstar® Only the toughest, most reliable and best-looking plants make the cut by Texas A&M AgriLife Research.

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