Welcome to Countryside

Countryside Nursery and Landscape is a local, family owned business located in the heart of Northwest Austin, Texas since 1998.  We are your one stop shop for Landscape Design and Installation, Irrigation Installation and Repair, along with Lawn and Landscaping Maintenance.  This year we are excited to partner with our EXCLUSIVE Pool Design and Installation Company, Pond Springs Custom Pools.


The Countryside Approach is to provide our customers with excellent customer service, quality plants, relevant products and a positive experience. Countryside's designers have the experience and tools to help you create  your dream yard.  Come visit Countryside Nursery and Landscape to see how we are changing the way you play outside!

Now Offering In-House Financing!Landscape and Irrigation Design & Installation


"Excellent little nursery chock full of natives!  Staff were very friendly and helpful. Happy I stopped by!" -Alyssa J.

"Fabulous local nursery, with lots of native Texas plants. Their pottery selection is gorgeous, and they carry a lot of organic products that I would otherwise have to order. Countryside also has fun community garden festivals a couple of times a year and they have been very generous supporting the gardening efforts at our elementary school." -Alexis W.

"Love Countryside! Knowledgeable, healthy plants, great selection of TX natives, well laid out visually as well as beautiful selection of pottery and water features. Love their displays! Refreshing to see young staff men and women that are knowledgeable." -Mary A.

"Friendly, knowledgeable staff. They offer free classes throughout the year on a variety of topics to support gardeners' success. They are active in the local community. Love this nursery!" -Debbie T.

Organic Gardening

Not only are organic fertilizers and products popular, they are also proven to be a better, more holistic, approach to gardening and maintaining the landscape. We believe in organics. We advocate for them and we have a staff that is well trained in their proper use and application. If you have questions about how to use organic fertilizers, additives, amendments, and sprays, please visit us! We will be happy to share what we know..