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13292 Pond Springs Road
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Now Offering In-House Financing!

Monday – Friday
8:30AM – 4:30PM

Special Order Trees

Special Order Tree Program

Have a special tree order? We purchase trees from quality growers, with preference given to growers within the state. Of course, tree and plant availability is at the whim of the season and the weather, so there is no guarantee. Contact us for more information or to get started on your special tree order today!

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burr oak in our tree nursery

Oaks for Texas

Many varieties of Oak do well in Central Texas. They last for centuries and provide reliable shade. Oaks possess a particular grandeur in form, and are a valuable investment. We carry the most suitable Oaks for our area, including Bur, Chinquapin, Red, Mexican White, Lacey, and more.

Leyland Cypress Tree in our Tree Nursery

Evergreen Privacy

In urban and suburban environments, privacy can be a consideration. We stock good, reliable options for achieving evergreen screening in the landscape. We have evergreen and semi-deciduous trees, such as Mexican White Oak, and we carry many varieties of evergreen screening shrubs, like Wax Myrtle and Japanese Yew. Read more HERE


Large Shade Trees

There are many excellent choices for large shade trees that naturalize well in Central Texas. Selections include Oaks, Elms, Pistache, Bald Cypress, and more. There are options for every landscape; a myriad of shapes and attributes. We carry an extensive selection of the best trees, suited for our area. Read more HERE

Texas Mountain Laurel flowers, Sophora secundiflora, native central Texas tree shrub

Best Drought Tolerant

Once established, many of the trees we provide are drought tolerant. While no tree is drought proof, some are more forgiving than others, such as the Texas Mountain Laurel, Cedar Elm, many of the Oaks, Palo Verde, and Anacacho Orchid. Getting these trees established is key, but once they are, they demonstrate great resilience in times of drought.